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Welcome to CREATEKING GROUP (CREATEKING GROUP), since 2000, we are a professional manufacturer of flooring accessories and interior decoration building materials solutions.We have been a pioneer and leader in the floor accessories industry since Max Ming, the CEO of Chuangjing Group, registered in Shenzhen in 1998.

After 23 years of accumulation and development, 'CREATEKING' (CREATEKING) has become a well-known brand of floor accessories at home and abroad.We are famous for our ultra-realistic designs, high-quality products approved by customers, affordable prices, timely delivery and after-sales service.

Another part of Chuangjing Group's high-quality building materials is the quick-installed PVC wall panels and waterproof SPC and carbon fiber solid wood floors.PVC wall panel and wall decoration production started in 2016.You can enjoy the joy of peace of mind when your home, workspace, hotel, shopping mall, restaurant, etc. are equipped with Wall Panels from Vision Group.

In 2018, SPC flooring started production in Guangzhou City and moved to Foshan City in 2019.In 2020, CREATEKING Group has developed a new series of WPC bamboo fiber and carbon fiber healthy flooring, which adopts an integral molding method and does not contain organic solvents.This floor has excellent foot feel and super stability.The CREATEKING group believes this will be welcomed by the global wood flooring industry.

CREATEKINGGroup was awarded the honorary title of 'Advanced Quality Management Unit' by Foshan City in December 2015.In November of the same year and in 2017, CREATEKING Group obtained the SGS certification of Made in China Network.In 2018, the company officially passed the national high-tech enterprise certification, and obtained the ISO9001 quality management system certification in December.

At present, the company's products are mainly exported to Canada, Europe, the Middle East, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, India, Pakistan, Hong Kong and other countries and regions.

At the dawn of the 5G era, the company will keep pace with the times, use mobile Internet technology, platforms and business models, rebuild the company's marketing model, embed big data and cloud computing systems, and improve the company's products based on the principle of user experience first Core competitiveness, while integrating resources outside the building materials industry chain to promote the company's development.

The company will continue to practice the business philosophy of 'Those who do things will always succeed, and those who walk will always come', adhere to the service tenet of 'Respect and Love Heaven and Man', constantly pursue the double happiness of material and spirit of employees, and make contributions to human progress and social progress. contribute.

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