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The Latest Aluminum Floor Skirting Installation Process Guide In 2023

aluminum floor skirting installation process guide



1. 7 major installation steps for aluminum floor skirting

     1.1 Measure and plan well

     1.2 Prepare installation tools

     1.3 Cutting aluminum floor skirting

     1.4 Cleaning the installation location

     1.5 Mark the installation location

     1.6 Fix aluminum skirting boards

     1.7 Cleaning after installation

2. Aluminum floor skirting installation instructions

3. Aluminum floor skirting installation video

4. Contact aluminum floor baseboard manufacturer

1、Aluminum floor skirting installation process guide

1.1 Measure and plan well

First of all, before installing the aluminum floor skirting, we need to accurately measure the length of the indoor wall to determine the final length of the skirting required. And mark the installation location.


1.2 Prepare installation tools

Before installation, we need to prepare relevant materials and tools in advance. For example, screws, screwdrivers, metal cutting machines, measuring tools, levels, hole punching tools, cleaning towels and more.


1.3 Cutting aluminum floor skirting

Usually, during product production, suppliers will cut aluminum skirting boards into specific lengths to facilitate transportation. For example, the length is 2.5 meters or 3 meters, or the supplier cuts it according to the length negotiated by us. But during installation, we need to cut again according to the length of the wall.


1.4 Cleaning the installation location

Anyone with years of experience in interior decoration will know that this is a necessary step. Clean the installation location so that when we install it, the aluminum skirting boards will not be uneven or not installed securely.


1.5 Mark the installation location

Use professional measuring tools and levels to help us determine the installation location of the aluminum skirting boards. After marking the installation location, you can better ensure the installation effect and avoid unevenness.


1.6 Fix aluminum skirting boards

Firmly install the bottom buckles of the skirting boards and related accessories, and use glass glue, screws, etc. to fix the skirting boards as necessary. Ensure that the product will not become loose after installation.


1.7 Cleaning after installation

It is recommended to wait until all aluminum skirting boards are completed before tearing off the protective film on the surface of the product, and then wipe the surface of the product with a towel dipped in clean water. It should be noted that metal products should be kept away from corrosive liquids or corrosive cleaning agents.


2、Aluminum floor skirting installation instructions

2.1 ZPJ series skirting board


2.2 ZPK series skirting board


2.3 DCF series skirting board


2.4 DWF series skirting board


3、Aluminum floor skirting installation video

3.1 Installation video 1

3.2 Installation video 2

3.3 Installation video 3

4、Contact aluminum floor baseboard manufacturer


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