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Wholesale Wood Grain Surface Grooved Board Wall

Fluted panel wall is a wall cladding material with a fluted or ribbed surface design.They are commonly used in interior and exterior wall applications and offer aesthetic appeal and functional advantages.
  • GS159-4F


Fluted panel wall is a wall cladding material with a fluted or ribbed surface design.They are commonly used in interior and exterior wall applications and offer aesthetic appeal and functional advantages.

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Product Description

product name

grooved panel wall

surface treatment

PVC film


Support customization


Ordinary 3.0m/customized


wood plastic composite


Office buildings/hotels/shopping malls/living rooms, etc.


For interior wall or ceiling decoration


Waterproof/Fireproof/Eco-friendly/Easy to Clean/No Toxic Chemicals or Preservatives/Moisture Resistant


Size and color can be customized

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1. The main features of grooved wall include:

1.1 Textured Design: Fluted panels feature a unique ribbed pattern that adds visual interest and depth to the wall.The grooves can be narrow or wide, and the ribs can vary in depth, allowing for different design options and customization.

1.2 Lightweight: Compared to solid metal panels, grooved panels are lightweight, making them easier to handle and install.This feature also reduces the structural load on the building.

Grooved Wall Panel

1.3 Strength and Durability: Despite their lightweight nature, fluted panels are structurally strong and durable.They can withstand impact, wind, and other environmental stresses, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

1.4 Weather resistance: The grooved plate made of metal has strong weather resistance.They are corrosion resistant and can withstand sunlight, moisture and temperature changes without warping or deterioration.

WPC Grooved Wall Panel

1.5 Low Maintenance: Grooved panels require minimal maintenance.Regular cleaning with mild soap and water is usually enough to keep them looking clean and well-maintained.

WPC Wall Panel

2,The advantages of using grooved walls include:

2.1 Aesthetics: The ribbed surface design of the grooved panels creates a visually appealing and dynamic appearance.It can add texture, dimension and architectural interest to walls, enhancing the overall aesthetic of a space.

2.2 Versatility: Recessed panels are available in a variety of sizes, colors and finishes allowing design versatility.They can be used in a variety of architectural styles and can be combined with other materials to create a custom look.

WPC wall panel interior

2.3 Ease of Installation: Recessed panels are relatively easy to install, especially when compared to other wall cladding options.They can be attached to the substructure using screws, adhesives or other mechanical fastening systems.

2.4 Fire resistance: Grooved panels generally have excellent fire resistance, providing a higher level of safety for buildings.

Waterproof WPC Wall Panel

3.The use of recessed panel walls may vary depending on project and design requirements.Some common applications include:

3.1 Commercial Buildings: Grooved panels are commonly used in commercial spaces such as offices, hotels, retail stores and restaurants to create visually striking feature walls or to add texture and interest to overall designs.

3.2 Residential Construction: Grooved panels can be used in residential applications, including interior walls and facades.They can be used to accentuate a specific area, provide an architectural focal point, or enhance the overall aesthetic.

Fireproof WPC Wall Panel

3.3 Public space: Corrugated panels can be used in museums, galleries, exhibition halls and other public spaces to create a unique visual experience and add artistic flavor to the surrounding environment.

3.4 Industrial Buildings: Grooved panels are also suitable for industrial buildings, warehouses or factories where durability, strength and aesthetic appeal are required.

Decorative WPC Wall Panel

Overall, fluted panel walls offer a combination of functional and aesthetic advantages, making them a versatile and attractive choice for a variety of architectural and design applications.

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