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Superior Performance Delivered Right to Your Space
One of the latest trends in home design is SPC Flooring (Stone Plastic Composite). This engineered luxury combines limestone powder and stabilizers to create an extremely durable core. SPC flooring is 100% waterproof and has an enhanced stability structure.
 With Non-Glue zero-formaldehyde environmentally-friendly material. free of hazardous substances.which is welcomed by European and American countries and Asia-pacific areas.
 SPC flooring industry is the most stylish, most environmental-friendly and energy-efficient, safest material. You can create an elegant, comfortable and healthy quality of the living environment, and adapt to the new century’s green theme. To meet the people’s quality life, increasing demands to improve their home, office and public places environment. It is a perfect combination of art of building materials. Comprehensive, cost-efficient, ultra-high, will completely replace traditional building materials, construction materials is the development trend of the future.
Supre Water-Proof Bamboo and Carbon Flooring
With super waterproof performance, excellent fire resistance and Super stability.
CREATEKING 2020 New Developed Water-Proof Wood-Coated flooring of Carbon or Bambon Fiber superior Water-proof floor had excellent performance properties , the Substrate Structure of ABA has Super Stability and the Elasticity and Foot Feel which close to solid wood flooring. 
It is made from synthetic PVC Resin Power and Natural Stone Power ,at the same time added with activated carbon Factor or Bamboo factor.
Wall Skirting Board
Wall Skirting Board - Beautiful the Room with Style
In Interior Decoration,The Skirting is Played a highly practical Rote for Reserved the Expansion Gap Whether flooring or Floor tile to the Wall.They are great for protecting the bottom of walls which often get kicked and scuffed, and also hide the joint between floor and walls which often has unfinished edges. And not forgetting those with special rebates to run cables through and keep them out the way. 
Baseboards are also important for the touch of design they can add to the overall decor,well-matched to the style of the room, can be a feature point in impeccably furnished homes or workplaces. CREATEKING Skirting with skirting Rich design, variety of Height and Materials, it can be widely used in homes, hotels, shopping malls,schools ,office building and other places.
3-15mm Flooring Profiles
With super waterproof performance, excellent fire resistance and Super stability
To adapt for Different thickness of flooring Mostly from 8mm to 15mm which Available Materials as UPVC and Aluminum are designed to match different thickness of flooring and popular at Asia and Oceania Countries. The OEM Design it is welcome.
PVC Wall Panel And Wall Mouldings
Beautiful decorative Profiles, will be able to achieve extraordinary
CREATEKING Flushed wall Panel which available at difference design and it is applied art, science, design, and humanities to the home scene and formed a unique aesthetic system. 
“Quality life, not just beauty” The integrated wall Panel is used natural elements, art, and aesthetics to decorate a sense of refinement and created a quiet and vibrant indoor environment that allow you to feel the gentleness and meaning of home space at all the time.
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