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DIY Installation: How to Install PVC Skirting Boards in 5 Easy Steps

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DIY Installation: How to Install PVC Skirting Boards in 5 Easy Steps


PVC skirting boards are an excellent way to add a finishing touch to your interior space while protecting the walls from scuffs and damage. The best part is that you can easily install them yourself with just a few basic tools and some patience. In this article, we'll guide you through a step-by-step process on how to install PVC skirting boards like a pro in five easy steps.

pvc skirting lines

Step 1: Prepare the Wall Surface

Before you begin, ensure that the wall surface is clean, dry, and free from any debris or dust. If there are any imperfections, patch them up using suitable filler or putty. A smooth and even surface will ensure a seamless installation.

pvc skirting

Step 2: Measure and Cut the PVC Skirting Boards

Measure the length of the wall where you want to install the skirting boards. Use a saw or a sharp knife to cut the PVC skirting board to the required length. Make sure to measure accurately for a precise fit.

pvc wall skirting

Step 3: Apply Adhesive

Apply a strong adhesive to the back of the PVC skirting board. Make sure to spread the adhesive evenly along the entire length of the board. Use a quality adhesive that is suitable for both PVC and the wall surface.

foshan pvc skirting

Step 4: Position and Secure the Skirting Boards

Carefully position the PVC skirting board against the wall, aligning it with the floor's edge. Press the board firmly to ensure it adheres to the wall properly. If needed, use panel pins or screws to further secure the skirting board in place. Drive the pins or screws through the skirting and into the wall, but be cautious not to overdrive and damage the PVC.

pvc floor skirting

Step 5: Finishing Touches

Once all the skirting boards are in place, use PVC adhesive or filler to fill any gaps or joints between the boards and the wall. Smooth out the filler for a seamless finish. If desired, you can paint the PVC skirting board to match the wall or leave it as is for easy cleaning.

pvc skirting board

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