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Floor Skirting

Product Name:Floor skirting
Product Number: ADF70
Product Size:2200/2400*70*13.5mm
Material: PVC resin powder, calcium carbonate, chemical additives, etc.
Product Color: Multiple colors support customization
Applications: Wall foot / wall base protection

Remark: Size and color can be customized
  • ADF70


Floor skirting is mainly composed of SG-5 type PVC resin powder, stone powder, foaming agent, and stabilizer. After thorough mixing, it is extruded by extrusion equipment, then cooled, shaped, and film-coated. This product has excellent waterproof, moisture-proof, non-flammable, wear-resistant, and other properties. It is often used in the transition area between indoor walls and floors to provide protection and decoration for the transition area.

Floor skirting

Product Description

Product Name

Floor skirting

Product Number





Wall foot/wall base protection

Product Size

 Support customization

Color Customization

Multiple colors support customization

Wood Grain Floor skirting

1. Product size

The length of this kind of floor skirting is usually 2200mm and 2400mm, the height is 70mm, and the thickness is 13.5mm. For customers who need to customize different sizes and colors, we provide professional customization services.

Eco-friendly Floor skirting

2. Product features

2.1 Has good wear resistance

2.2 Longer service life than ordinary skirting boards

2.3 Excellent waterproof and moisture-proof performance

2.4 Non-flammable, with the property of automatically extinguishing when leaving the fire source

2.5 Lightweight and easy to transport

2.6 Can be covered with PVC films of different colors and textures

3. Product application scenarios

3.1 Applied to the indoor living room

3.2 Bedroom application

3.3 Applied to stairs

3.4 Applied to indoor corridors

3.5 Applied to indoor aisles

Durable Floor skirting

4. Product color options

Multiple Colour Floor skirting

For more color options, please contact us here

5. The creative combination of floor skirting and indoor flooring

The material and color selection of floor skirting is a science worth studying. We can create unique interior decoration effects by creatively designing the colors of PVC skirting lines and floors. The following are 4 common matching methods for our reference:

5.1 The floor skirting and floor are all made of wood grain color

As we all know, wood grain color is the most affinity color. By designing the indoor baseboards and floors to the same wood grain color, you can make the walls and floors more coordinated and fill the interior with a natural atmosphere.

5.2 Use black baseboards and personalized wooden floors to match the decoration

Black is a color with a sense of luxury. They express a stable and high-end decorative atmosphere. The interior is decorated with black PVC skirting and flooring is installed with personalized wooden floorboards. This can create differentiated transitions between walls and floors, and give different areas of the interior a more layered feel.

5.3 Use white floor skirting to match wooden floors

White is a pure color that gives people a clean, simple feel. The indoor use of white skirting lines and wooden floors, combined with white walls, can create a comfortable space atmosphere indoors, making people feel comfortable and relaxed.

5.4 Use other colors of skirting to match the wooden floor decoration

Grey, brown, and red are also some creative colors. A unique effect can be created by using various colors of skirting and matching them with wooden flooring. However, it is worth noting that indoor color matching is a very important knowledge. When choosing colors, we can first consult a professional designer to avoid incorrect color-matching choices, which may lead to abrupt and disharmonious interior decoration styles.

Luxury Floor skirting

6. Other types of PVC floor skirting

Various Sizes Floor skirting

Various Sizes Floor skirting

Various Sizes Floor skirting

Various Sizes Floor skirting

Various Sizes Floor skirting

floor skirting supplier

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