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PVC Floor Skirting

Product Name:PVC floor skirting
Product Number: PDF10
Product Size:2200/2400*100*15mm / Support customization
Material: PVC resin powder, calcium carbonate, chemical additives, etc.
Product Color: Multiple colors support customization
Applications: Wall foot / wall base protection
Remark: Size and color can be customized
  • PDF10


PVC floor skirting is a commonly used decorative material in construction projects. This product is mainly used for decoration and protection of the transition area between wall and floor. Baseboards made of this material have many excellent qualities. For example, they offer excellent durability, and excellent water resistance, are easy to clean, and are easy to install. Compared with other metal materials, it has a great price advantage and is very suitable for the decoration needs of engineering customers.

PVC floor skirting

Product Description

Product Name

PVC floor skirting

Product Number





Wall foot/wall base protection

Product Size

Support customization

Color Customization

Multiple colors support customization

Interior PVC floor skirting

1. Product Size

The length of this PVC floor baseboard is 2700mm, the width is 100mm, and the thickness is 15mm. For customers with special size requirements, we provide customized services.

Eco-friendly PVC floor skirting

2. Product advantages

2.1 The texture is difficult

2.2 Have good waterproof performance

2.3 Easy to clean

2.4 Easy to install

2.5 Customize a variety of different colors

2.6 Materials are friendly to the environment and will not pollute the environment

Waterproof PVC floor skirting

Fireproof PVC floor skirting

3. Product installation effect display

Wood Grain PVC floor skirting

Moisture-Proof PVC floor skirting

4. Product color options

Various Sizes PVC floor skirting

5. Other types of PVC floor skirting

Various Sizes PVC floor skirting

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6. Cutting of PVC floor skirting

During the installation process of the project, we need to cut the PVC floor skirting lines. So what tools are needed to cut PVC products?

6.1 Manual saw

6.2 Chainsaw

6.2 Metal cutting machine

7. The following is the relevant process for cutting PVC floor skirting lines

7.1 Measurement and marking

We can use professional measuring tools to accurately measure the length to be cut and mark the skirting.

7.2 Fix the base plate

Use clamps or other securing tools to secure the baseboard to the work surface to prevent it from moving during the cutting process.

7.3 Wearing and installing equipment

When cutting PVC skirting, it is recommended to wear goggles, earplugs, gloves, etc. to ensure our safety.

7.4 Cutting technology

First, cut the base plate slowly along the marked line to avoid cutting too fast and causing deviation in the cutting position.

7.5 Trim cutting position

Lightly trim the edges of the skirting with sandpaper to make the cut surface smoother.

7.6 Cleaning the work area

After finishing the cutting, we need to clean the cutting area as needed.

PVC floor skirting supplier

PVC floor skirting supplier

PVC floor skirting supplier

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