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PVC Skirting Kitchen

Product Name: PVC skirting kitchen
Product Number: PDF70
Product Size:2200/2400*70*13.5mm / Support customization
Material: PVC resin powder, calcium carbonate, chemical additives, etc.
Product Color: Multiple colors support customization
Applications: Wall foot / wall base protection
Remark: Size and color can be customized
  • PDF70


PVC kitchen skirting is a profile used in modern indoor floor decoration. The main function of this product is to protect the transition area between wall and floor, avoiding damage to the wall due to accidental collisions. At the same time, they can also hide the gaps between the wall and the floor, preventing dust and debris from falling in, making it more difficult for us to clean the room in the future. Of course, this product can not only be used in indoor living rooms, bedrooms, stairs, etc. but can also be used in relatively humid environments such as kitchens and bathrooms.

PVC skirting kitchen

Product Description

Product Name

PVC skirting kitchen

Product Number





Wall foot/wall base protection

Product Size

Support customization

Color Customization

Multiple colors support customization

Interior PVC skirting kitchen

1. Product size

The length of this PVC skirting kitchen is usually cut to 2200mm and 2400mm, the height is 70mm, and the thickness is 13.5mm. For customers who need to customize different sizes and colors, we provide professional customization services.

2. Product application scenarios

2.1 Living room

2.2 Bedroom

2.3 Stairs

2.4 Interior corridors and aisles

2.5 Bathroom

2.6 Kitchen

Luxury PVC skirting kitchen

3. What are the requirements for kitchen skirting?

As we all know, the kitchen is a special place indoors. Usually, the kitchen is an area with oil fumes and a relatively humid environment. Therefore, the quality requirements for skirting lines will be relatively high. So what factors do we need to consider when purchasing kitchen skirting boards?

3.1 Waterproof

Since the kitchen environment will be more humid than the environment in other indoor areas, the waterproof performance requirements for PVC baseboards will also be higher.

3.2 Anti-mildew performance

A humid environment can easily breed mold because if PVC skirting boards are installed in the kitchen area, the surface of the skirting boards needs to be better protected to prevent water stains from penetrating the interior of the skirting boards.

3.3 The texture is relatively hard

Since many tools are usually placed in the kitchen area, the hardness of the PVC skirting needs to be high to avoid damage to its surface caused by daily collisions.

Waterproof PVC skirting kitchen

Fireproof PVC skirting kitchen

4. Color options for PVC skirting

Multiple Colour PVC skirting kitchen

For more product colors, please click here to contact us

5.Other types of PVC skirting

Various Sizes PVC skirting kitchen

Various Sizes PVC skirting kitchen

VVarious Sizes PVC skirting kitchen

Various Sizes PVC skirting kitchen

Various Sizes PVC skirting kitchen

If you want to get the complete PVC baseboard product catalog, please click here to contact us

6. What other types of skirting are suitable for installation in the kitchen?

6.1 PVC baseboard

6.2 Aluminum alloy skirting

6.3 Wooden baseboards

6.4 Ceramic tile floor

Customized PVC skirting kitchen

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