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PVC Skirting Profiles

Product Name:PVC skirting profiles
Product Number: FPF100
Product Size:2200/2400*100mm / Support customization
Material: PVC resin powder, calcium carbonate, chemical additives, etc.
Product Color: Multiple colors support customization
Applications: Wall foot / wall base protection
Remark: Size and color can be customized
  • FPF100


The PVC skirting profiles are an important part of indoor floor decoration and are usually installed in the transition area between the wall and the floor. They mainly hide gaps in transition areas and protect walls. Because in daily life, when we clean the floor, the mop can easily stain the surface of the product with water stains. Therefore, the product must have excellent waterproof properties to ensure that the product is not prone to mold and deformation.

PVC skirting profiles

Product Description

Product Name

PVC skirting profiles

Product Number





Wall foot/wall base protection

Product Size

Support customization

Color Customization

Multiple colors support customization

Interior PVC skirting profiles

1. Product Size

This PVC skirting profile product has an exquisite appearance and unique surface texture. To facilitate the long-distance transportation of products, the length is usually 2.2m per pole or 2.4m per pole. The product height is usually 100mm, but we provide customized services for different height requirements.

2. Product characteristics

2.1 Excellent waterproof performance

2.2 Excellent anti-mildew performance

2.3 Excellent fire retardant performance

2.4 Hard product surface

2.5 Diverse color customization

Wood Grain PVC skirting profiles

3.Product color selection

Durability PVC skirting profiles

4. Product model recommendation

Various Sizes PVC skirting profiles

For more  PVC skirting profiles, please consult us

5. Selection of PVC skirting profiles models

Whether it is home decoration or engineering customers, it is necessary to understand how to choose how to choose the model of skiing lines. So, can we refer to the PVC Skirting overview?

5.1 Choose the height of the PVC skirting profiles according to the size of the indoor space

5.2 Select the thickness of the PVC skirting profiles according to the indoor floor material

Luxury PVC skirting profiles

6.Other models of PVC skirting profiles


For a complete product catalog, please contact us here

7. About our factory

PVC skirting profiles

PVC skirting profiles

PVC skirting profiles

PVC skirting profiles

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