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Stair Nosing Profiles

Product number: SKA4
Product Size:Support customization
Material: 6063 T5 aluminum alloy
Product Color: Multiple colors support customization
Remark: Size and color can be customized
  • SKA4


The  Stair nosing profile is a building profile used for indoor stair front edge decoration, anti-skid, and front edge trimming. This product adopts an "L" shape design that can better wrap the front edge of the stairs and provide additional grip and anti-slip protection for the front edge of the stairs. Especially in wet or slippery places, installing this product can effectively reduce the risk of slipping.

Stair nosing profiles

Product Description

Product Name

Stair nosing profiles

Product Number



Aluminum alloy



Product Size

Support customization

Color Customization

Multiple colors support customization

Luxury Stair nosing profiles

Product Features

1. Product Design

The stair-nosing profiles have an L-shaped appearance with a textured surface. There is a groove design in the middle of the product, and rubber strips can be embedded in the groove to increase the friction with the sole. This product can be made into a variety of different color surfaces, and we can customize specific colors to suit the interior decoration style.

2. Product Main Functions

2.1 Protect the front edge of the stairs

2.2 Stair anti-skid function

2.3 Indoor decorations

2.4 Stair front edge trimming

3. Product Customization

The Stair nosing profiles are available in specific models and colors, but for different customer projects, the required dimensions may vary. Therefore, we can make special customizations based on the customer's project needs and the samples provided by the customer.

Stair nosing profiles

Product Size

Customized Stair nosing profiles

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