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The detailed descriptions of each step involved in the production process of PVC Skirting Board

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The detailed descriptions of each step involved in the production process of PVC Skirting Board

Raw Material Preparation: This is the first step in the production process where the raw materials for PVC skirting boards are prepared. PVC resin, plasticizers, stabilizers, and other additives are collected and stored in designated areas. The raw materials are then weighed and blended according to a predetermined formula to ensure consistency and quality of the final product.


Mixing Materials: Once the raw materials are prepared, they are mixed together in a high-speed mixer. The mixer ensures that all the ingredients are evenly distributed and thoroughly mixed. This step is critical to achieving the desired physical and chemical properties of the PVC skirting board.


Extrusion: After the materials are mixed, they are fed into an extruder. The extruder heats and melts the material, creating a continuous flow of molten PVC. The molten PVC is then forced through a die, which shapes the material into the desired profile of the skirting board.


Wood Coating: Once the PVC skirting board is extruded, a wood grain pattern is printed onto the surface using a specialized coating. This coating is applied using a roller or spray gun and creates a realistic wood-like appearance on the surface of the PVC skirting board.

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Cutting: After the wood coating is applied, the PVC skirting board is cooled and cut into the desired lengths. The cutting process is typically automated and ensures that all pieces are the same length and size.

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Quality Control: Throughout the production process, quality control measures are taken to ensure that the final product meets all specifications and requirements. Samples of the PVC skirting board are taken and tested for strength, durability, and other characteristics.

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Packing and Shipping: The final step in the production process is to pack the PVC skirting board and prepare it for shipping. The skirting boards are stacked, wrapped in protective material, and loaded onto trucks or containers for transportation to customers.

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