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WPC Panel Board

Product Series: Interior wall decoration
Product number: GS55-BH
Product Size:Support customization
Material: Wood-Plastic Composite
Product Color: Multiple colors support customization
Remark: Size and color can be customized
  • GS55-BH


WPC panel board is a wall panel decoration material used in home decoration and commercial places. They provide decoration, protection, and insulation to walls. When choosing interior siding, we need to consider factors such as its material, appearance, durability, and installation method.

WPC panel board

Product Description

Product Name

WPC panel board

Product Number



Wood-Plastic Composite



Product Size

Support customization

Color Customization

Multiple colors support customization

Interior WPC panel board

1. Product size

The length of this wood-plastic panel is usually 2800mm and 3000mm, and the width is 55mm. If you need to customize different sizes and surface colors, we provide customization services.

2. Product application scenarios

2.1 Living room background wall decoration

2.2 Bedroom background wall decoration

2.3 Ceiling decoration

2.4 Indoor corridor and aisle wall decoration

Luxury WPC panel board

3. Product features

3.1 Moisture proof

3.2 Not flammable

3.3 Anti-mildew

3.4 Easy to install

3.5 Easy to clean

Waterproof WPC panel board

Fireproof WPC panel board

4. How to install the WPC panel board?

There are three main ways to install WPC panels. Each installation method has its characteristics. Their main differences are as follows:

4.1 Use brackets for fixed installation

Using brackets to install interior wall panels is one of the most common methods. The advantages of this installation method are high stability and relatively convenient construction.

Usually, there are two main materials for brackets, namely wooden brackets and light steel brackets. The price of wooden brackets is relatively low, but the fire resistance is not as good as that of light steel brackets. The load-bearing capacity of light steel brackets will be better, but the price is also higher.

When installing the bracket, it is necessary to ensure the flatness and firmness of the bracket to ensure the installation effect and service life of the wall panel.

4.2 Use glass glue or nail-free glue for installation

Installing wall panels using glue directly is the most common installation method. This installation method is generally suitable for lighter wall panels. The advantages of this installation method are simple construction and low cost.

However, with this installation method, the wall panels are not as strong as when installed with brackets. Moreover, the requirements for the flatness of the wall are also relatively high. If you use glue to install, you need to use environmentally friendly glue to ensure the decorative effect and safety.

4.3 Embedded installation

Embedded installation refers to the method of first reserving space on the wall during the wall construction process, and then fixing the wall panels in the space.

All types of interior wall panels can be installed this way. This installation method can better integrate the wall and wall panels, and its visual decorative effect will be more beautiful.

When using embedded installation, it is necessary to reasonably calculate and reserve the installation space, wall lifting depth, etc. to ensure that the wall panels can be installed smoothly and have better decorative effects.

WPC panel board

WPC panel board

5. Installation effect

Wood Grain WPC panel board

6. Product color options

Multiple Colour WPC panel board

7. Other types of interior wall panels

Various Sizes WPC panel board

Various Sizes WPC panel board

If you need to obtain the wood plastic wall panel product catalog, please click here to contact us

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