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Wall Fluted Panel

Product Series: Interior wall decoration
Product number: GS180-5Y
Product Size:2800/3000*180*21mm
Material: Wood-Plastic Composite
Product Color: Multiple colors support customization
Remark: Size and color can be customized
  • GS180-5Y


Wall fluted panel is a decorative material made of wood-plastic composite material. This type of siding combines the natural look of wood with the waterproof properties of plastic. As a new type of interior decoration profile, it has a natural appearance and texture, is not susceptible to moisture, is easy to clean, and is easy to install. When we choose interior wall decoration materials, we can choose wall panels that suit us based on personal preferences, decoration style, budget, and product brand.

Wall fluted panel

Product Description

Product Name

Wall fluted panel

Product Number



Wood-Plastic Composite



Product Size

Support customization

Color Customization

Multiple colors support customization

Interior Wall fluted panel

Product size

This type of wall panel is usually available in lengths of 2800mm and 3000mm, width of 180mm, and thickness of 21mm. For customers who need to customize different sizes, we provide professional customization services.


Product material composition


Product features

1. Waterproof

2. Moisture-proof

3. Not flammable

4. Environmental protection

5. Lightweight

6. Suitable for many different scenarios



Product color options

Waterproof Wall fluted panel

For more product color options, please contact us here

Other types of wall panels

Durable Wall fluted panel

How to maintain the Wall fluted panel?

Maintenance of Wall fluted panels is relatively simple and most of the time only requires regular cleaning. However, in our daily use, we still need to avoid some factors that may cause damage to it to ensure its appearance and performance.

1. Regular cleaning

Regularly wipe the wall panel surface with clean water or mild detergent to remove dust, stains, etc. Avoid using strong chemical cleaners.

2. Avoid scratches

Try to avoid sharp objects touching its surface to avoid scratches or damage.

3. Prevent wall panels from coming into contact with other stains

Avoid paint, dyes, cosmetics, and other colored liquids from contacting the surface of the wall panel to avoid staining the product surface and affecting its appearance.

4. Avoid contact with hot objects

Avoid contact between the wallboard and high-temperature objects to avoid deformation or burning of the product surface.

5. Regular inspection and maintenance

We can make simple repairs to scratched and damaged siding. For severely damaged wall panels, we can choose to replace them with new wall panels of the same style to ensure the beauty of our interior decoration.

Luxury Wall fluted panel

Product installation method

1. Use nail-free glue/glass glue to fix the grille and complete the installation.

2. After installing the wooden brackets first, install the grille


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