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Wall Panel Decoration

Wall panel decoration refers to decorative panels designed to be installed on walls to enhance the aesthetics of spaces.Available in a wide range of designs, sizes and materials, these panels offer a variety of options for interior decoration.
  • GSS158-5F


Wall panel decoration refers to decorative panels designed to be installed on walls to enhance the aesthetics of spaces.Available in a wide range of designs, sizes and materials, these panels offer a variety of options for interior decoration.

decorative wall panels

Product Description

product name

wall panel decoration

surface treatment

PVC film coated


Support customization


Ordinary 2.8m/3.0m/customized


wood plastic composite


Office buildings/hotels/shopping malls/living rooms, etc.


For interior wall or ceiling decoration


Waterproof/Fireproof/Eco-friendly/Easy to Clean/No Toxic Chemicals or Preservatives/Moisture Resistant


Size and color can be customized

Batten Wall Panels

Product size information

Length: 2800mm and 3000mm

Width: 158mm

Thickness: 12mm


Product color options


Material composition of slatted wall panels

  • Wood fiber

  • Bamboo fiber

  • Resin adhesive

  • Light calcium carbonate

  • Other additives


Our slatted wall panels are made from high-quality wood plastic raw materials, combined with a professional extrusion process, resulting in a beautiful appearance that can add character to any interior space.

This wood plastic grille is also a top choice for any DIY enthusiast, they are easy to install and fit any budget. You can use them to quickly change your interior decor.

Can the WPC wall panels be installed on uneven or irregular surfaces?

Yes, our WPC wall panels can be installed on uneven or irregular surfaces to a certain extent. However, it is essential to ensure that the substrate is adequately prepared before installation. The surface should be clean, level, and free from any debris or protrusions that could affect the adhesion and stability of the panels. In cases where the surface is severely uneven or irregular, additional preparation or leveling may be required to achieve a smooth and secure installation. Our installation guidelines provide detailed instructions on how to prepare the surface and ensure proper installation and our technical team is always available to provide support and assistance throughout the process. We recommend consulting with our experts to determine the most suitable installation method for your specific project needs.

interior wall panels

Slat wall panel styles

This high-quality slat wall panel comes in many different styles. Whether you prefer a rustic, natural look or a sleek, modern style, you'll find the style you're looking for in the color options we offer. With these luxury interior wall panels, you are sure to create the effect you want in your living room, bedroom, kitchen, or bathroom environment.

We have the most complete range of interior wood plastic wall panel products, you can browse our website to see the catalog of wood plastic wall panels we offer. I’m sure you’ll be able to choose one that suits your interior style.

Other types of interior wall panels



Product installation scenario

  • living room wall

  • tv background

  • bedroom wall

  • interior corridor wall

  • ceiling

wood siding

With these interior wall panels with excellent waterproof properties, you have endless possibilities to transform your interior rooms. You can choose the style that suits you from our many different ranges of interior wall panels, and then use these beautiful wall panels, combined with the designer's creativity, to create an interior space that you love.

Once you purchase these siding panels, you don’t have to worry about spending a lot of time and energy on maintenance. Ongoing maintenance of our siding is simple. You can easily clean it by simply wiping its surface with a damp towel.

About our factory






With these rich decorative wall panels, you can use them to enhance the look of your interior spaces. Its sleek, modern lines and richly textured finishes can redefine your interior spaces.

If you plan to use these wall panels to decorate your home, please tell us the style you choose and our sales team will make a special plan for you to ensure you receive the goods as soon as possible.

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